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4 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Is The Best Option For You

Are you fed up with the endless shaving, waxing, plucking, and Threading?  It seems like an ongoing fight against the jungle but is our legs and nether regions. It seems as if you get rid of your hair and within a day or two, suddenly you have the Amazon Rainforest living in your underwear.


Well, perhaps that's a little bit extreme but after years of shaving, it can't be helped that I think that way. In recent years, I've discovered the wonders of laser hair removal Bolton. I want to share this knowledge with those of you who struggle to maintain a tidy bush, smooth legs, arms, and backs.  Yes, PCOS can do that to you.


Since discovering laser hair removal, I try to educate everybody else about its merits. I might come across as a little bit patronising, and that's not my intention, but I do want to wax lyrical about how great IPL has been for me.


It's a long-term solution


Without a doubt, the biggest benefit in using IPL treatment to manage problem hair areas is that the solution is a long-term one. It takes around 6 sessions for the hair to disappear completely, sometimes up to 8 sessions, but once it's gone, it's gone.


I do occasionally get the odd patch that Returns, but because the IPL destroys the hair follicles, they tend not to grow ever again.


This does need me to caution you that you need to be sure that you never want any hair in those places ever again. Sometimes, hair removal is a matter of fashion and what was once viewed as the right way to be, won't necessarily be viewed in the same way in the future. 


There's also the problem that you can't really have IPL done on your eyebrows because it's far too close to your eyes and that poses a danger. But everywhere else, it's great.


It's less painful than other long-term Solutions


With IPL, the laser hair removal technician will apply a numbing and cooling gel to the area before they undertake the IPL treatment. This minimises any pain that you feel, unlike waxing or plucking, both of which are incredibly painful.


You do experience some stinging afterwards on occasion, but this is the same sort of thing as sunburn, and a mild one at that.  In general, it's effectively painless but you can feel the heat sometimes.


It's cost effective long term


Many people have put off from IPL because the initial cost is quite expensive. It costs around £60 per session and you need at least 6 sessions, so those costs quickly add up.


However, because once all the hair has gone you will never have to pay for the treatment again, it actually works out cheaper in the long term. You'll spend around £360 in total, but you'll never have to spend on waxing, threading, or razors again.