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Why hotels must learn about mobile-first indexing to improve search engine rankings

Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for a hotel company to be able to attract potential customers. Travellers use smartphones to research and choose hotel rooms, so in the digital age it is very important for hotels to ensure they have a great website. Something that major search engine Google has been promoting in recent months is mobile-first indexing. This means the mobile version of a hotel website becomes the first thing that Google includes in its index. Google calls this mobile-first because the search engine prefers a smartphone version of a website rather than a desktop site, which can still be included in the index.



If a website does not have a mobile version this could have a negative effect on how high it reaches the list on a search engine. It is clear search engines want hotel firms to be mobile-friendly and residences should think about what will improve website rankings. A website needs to definitely be responsive and companies need to make the effort to entice potential guests to visit their online offering. This is a crucial part of a hotel digital marketing plan as it allows companies to think about customer experience and what will give them the edge.


Something else to consider is that mobile page speed needs to be fast, as travellers do not want to be waiting around for a page to load. Images and videos need to be optimized for mobile phones and companies should think about what makes their website flow in a smooth manner. A hotel app development plan is also needed to ensure customers get to reserve their rooms quickly without any delay. An app will really help hotels gather a loyal database of guests, who will hopefully enjoy the personal service that they return again in the future.


The top experts at marketing agency Digital Hotelier can help increase the revenues of hotel firms, through excellent advice to create the best website design and booking engine. They have great consultants on hand to offer help with gaining customers by creating a superb hotel app. The workers at Digital Hotelier will also provide advice on social media profiles and how to generate the best blogs for the web to entice customers. They know exactly how to get a higher amount of direct bookings to ensure that hotel businesses are successful, and that they also remain prosperous for a very long time into the future.


A hotel website really needs to be worked on if companies want to get new customers as it should offer brilliant copy and excellent images and videos. Companies who want to try and get ahead will definitely want some help with social media to ensure they create the best impression on the public. Travellers will adore a website that has a specific brand message that it confidently puts across to the public. Potential visitors want to know exactly what a firm stands for and this can be shown through a brilliant website that is visually appealing. Firms must try to figure out what their hotel’s unique selling points are when creating a site.