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An Indonesian national told me that people from his part of the world have the perfect coloured skin. When I asked him to explain, I was told the story that many children in his country are told by their elders.


When God, or whatever other Deity you believe in, created the Earth, the first humans were dropped in temperate climates. Before their arrival, they were put into an oven to darken their skin.


This first lot turned out white and were clearly undercooked. The next lot that were dropped into Africa were overcompensated for and cooked too long till they were black.


Having learned from the first two mistakes, the third batch were cooked to perfection and with perfect brown skin, were dropped into Indonesia.


Obviously it's a fairy story, but it does make light of skin colour. Fear of the unknown used to make people racist but apart from a tiny minority of bigots, the world seems today to be free of most racism problems.


It also makes us think about skin. By weight and area this is recognised as the biggest organ of the human body. It's a living, breathing mass that protects, sweats, and can reveal our age as well as some types of illness.


Measles, mumps and chickenpox manifests itself with skin blistering and spots. Moles and freckles are very rarely a sign of ill-health but some people simply don't feel comfortable or confident about them.


A cosmetic mole removal is a simple procedure that can be carried out by qualified practitioners. This is usually performed over two twenty minute consultations with the use of electrolysis.


But to put your mind at ease, it's best to let your health practitioner have a look first as there is a very slim chance it may be a sign of something more dangerous.


In these very rare cases, it can be a sign of skin cancer, especially if it has only recently appeared and has not been there since birth.



I have a friend with a mole on her cheek. She is very comfortable with it and reminds me that in high society in nineteenth century Europe, women often had a fake one painted onto their face.